Blackwater strikes again

The investigation team has found evidence linking to the involvement of Blackwater in the attack on PAF Base, Kamra, 50 km northwest of Islamabad.The cellphone of one of the attacker has been recovered undamaged from the scene revealing data of vital importance.

Nine armed gunmen who attacked the PAF air base at 2.00 am in the morning of 16 August, 2012 were well equipped and were continuously receiving instructions from their superiors hiding in village Suleman makhan and Islamabad Peshawar Highway. It was also the 27th of Ramadhan, there were 30 planes at the base and majority of the employes were busy in their prayers. Mission of the attackers was to destroy Swedish manufactured spying plane Saab 2000 AEW & C. This plane has the capability of identifying and issuing an early warning against enemy's air attack.

In the past Blackwater (Xe Services LLC, DynCorp, Academi) agents were spotted several times photographing the PAF Base area, traveling on the highway in vehicles with fake number plates and hiring locals at Peshawar for their militant activities, impersonating as Taliban. A few of the agents have been deported from Pakistan in the past as undesirable personalities, on charges of spying  and anti state activities.

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